Live Streams

Hongtu Entertainment provides access to a variety of live video games, including: BBIN Fortune Hall, AG Actress Hall, GD Fairview Hall, OG Eastern Hall, Ebet Lucky Hall …


Electronic Entertainment

MG Electronics, PT Electronics, AG Electronics, BB Electronics, CQ9 Electronics, PP Electronics, JDB Electronics, DT Electronics, PG Electronics, SG Electronics, MW Electronics, NT Electronics, PNG Electronics, HB Electronics.


Sport Competitions

New Crown Sports, BC Sports, Sabah Sports, YSB Sports, IM Sports, Little Gold Sports


Lottery Games

Lucky lottery, LT lottery, VR lottery, KG lottery, BB lottery


Chess and Cards Games

Happy Chess and Cards, Happy Chess Game, VG Chess and Cards, KY Chess and Cards, Joyful Chess and Cards


Fishing Games

AG-Fishing King, BBIN-Fishing Expert, BBIN-Fishing Master, GG-Fishing World, MW-Thousand Cannons Fishing, Happy Chess Game-Golden Toad Fishing, Happy Chess Game-Dasheng's Havoc in the Sea, Happy Chess Game-Li Kui Fishing, SG-Fishing King, JDB-Five Dragons Fishing, JDB-Fortune God Fishing, CQ9-Emperor's Gold Fishing Ground, CQ9-Emperor's Gold Fishing Ground 2


And also Competitive Games, Financial Games

Competitive Bull, Guess the ups and downs, Hong Kong Horse Racing and much more. What are you waiting for!



Creating the greatest value with partners is the goal of Hongtu's unremitting efforts: Hongtu cooperates with well-known brands, and Hongtu is also happy to work with emerging brands and develop together;

We look forward to be working with you to build a grand prospect and create a better future!

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